About Us

Following our vision to deliver the best-buy products in each segment of our business, we designed and produced a wide range of kitchenware, positioning Lorme as the favorite kitchen assistant and first choice for many consumers – from housewives to HoReCa professionals, proving our statement that good cookware is essential for any serious cook.

Following innovative technologies in collaboration with the world leading producers of coating and cooking materials, ultimately functional with carefully defined colors, our unique range of kitchen utensils and accessories are perfect choice for all occasions. To prepare healthy food, quickly and efficiently, is our primary goal recognized by millions in many markets we operate.

Following all latest trends, Lorme is among the first manufacturers that introduced products designed for use on INDUCTION plates. Use of induction in food preparation not only that saves your money and increases energy efficiency, but also contributes your safety by reducing risk of burns and fire.

In addition to the dishes and kitchen utensils made ​​of stainless steel, non-stick material (PFOA FREE), high quality tinplate), we delivered an innovative line of CERAMIC frying pans manufactured in Switzerland – by ILAG (high degree of hardness, resistance to high temperature and stains, easy cleaning and maintenance) – made possible by cutting-edge technology.