Classic Ceramics Fry pan 24cm

Classic Ceramics Fry pan 24cm

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  • Diameter 24cm
  • Thickness 3mm aluminum
  • Non-stick ceramic coating / Ceralon by ilag / NON STICK PTFE & PFOA FREE
  • Induction bottom
  • Rubberized “soft-touch” handle
  • Aluminum disc for even heat dissipation
  • Scratch-resistant

Product Description

Improved functionality – made from thicker aluminium which is an excellent balanced heat conductor, our ceramic pans have special top quality non-stick ceramic coating inside – ILAG SWITZERLAND (high hardness, temperature and spot resistance). Easy to maintain – non-stick and easy to clean even after repeated use. Due to intense colors and innovative shapes and soft touch handles you’ll want to show them to your guests and loved ones. Also, they come with Induction bottom that ensures lower energy consumption, faster food cooking compared to classic pans. Healthiest food preparation, totally safe for you. Economical and easy to use.

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